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Our Pricing (tours will be hosted on a server for up to 3 months):

In Oregon -- a single building with fewer than 15 rooms (base price): $250.00
Base price in the Santa Barbara, Calif. area (*): $400.00
If the building has 15 or more rooms (**): an additional $100.00

* Sadly, our cost of doing business in Southern California is much higher.
** Our provider has a strict limit of 200 panoramic pictures per tour. So one extremely large building may need to be handled as multiple tours.

Additional Fees:
To keep a hosted tour active beyond 3 months: $5/mo.

We must include a $50 fee for each 20 miles beyond the Eugene/Springfield area, to cover our driving costs and time.
-- If we can arrange multiple appointments in the same area, we will divide the fee over all the appointments.
-- In Southern California, there are no driving fees anywhere from Isla Vista to Montecito.

We do not currently have access to lockboxes. If the location is locked so that we have no access, we must charge a fee of $25 for each full half hour that we must wait.

For an Oregon appointment, call: 541-579-5797

For a Southern California appointment, call: 805-990-3812

(or use low-priority email:

Payment is expected at the time of the appointment.

Our camera equipment is not weatherproof, so we may not be able to include outdoor shots in some weather conditions.

The service provider that we work with (to convert our pictures into a tour and to host the tours on their cloud server) has a monopoly on this technology. This means that you can't get the service anywhere else, but it also unfortunately means that our pricing is not completely under our control. We will strive to keep our prices as constant and affordable as possible.

Typically, in two hours we can complete the photography work for a normal-sized house, or three hours for a large one.

We strive to always have a link to the finalized tour available to you by the next morning, and we will often email it within four hours after the photography is completed.